Gascoigne & King

In July 2014, Gascoigne & King announced our exclusive 5 year agency agreement to represent the niche French perfumery Etat Libre d’Orange.

When the opportunity came along to work with not only an incredible French perfume brand, but also an amazing Parisian team, it made a lot of sense. Since 2008, Gascoigne & King have been making a range of luxury scented candles from our Surry Hills studio in Sydney, Australia. Etat Libre d’Orange compliments our existing range of luxury fragrance products perfectly.

Gascoigne & King have an existing retail base of over 70 highend fashion and homeware boutiques across Australia & NZ, so keep an eye open for Etat Libre d’Orange – available in stores now! For all retail enquiries please contact Bronwyn Gascoigne on +61 414 888 135, or email

About Gascoigne & King

Bronwyn Gascoigne is the driving force behind the Gascoigne & King brand. With a keen interest in fragrance, perfumes and beautiful natural products, she began to make candles after finding it incredibly difficult to source high quality, environmentally friendly products with a focus on exciting fragrance blends and great design. By 2008 she had created a range of beautifully fragranced candles, the word had spread amongst the boutique designer retail community and Gascoigne & King’s journey began. Her inspiration comes from the places in the world we live in. All Gascoigne & King candles are hand-made in her studio in Surry Hills, Sydney.

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